Monday, November 3, 2014

Vanuatu at last, 2014

We were so happy to finally get to Vanuatu.  I first stop was at Sola which we believed was a check in point, however, that had changed.   We were given our immigration stamps but not allowed to stop at any other islands or bays until we got to Luganville.    Still, Sola was very friendly and beautiful for the couple of days we were there.   Our concern was we did not have enough fuel to get to Luganville so it took Jim some two days of scrounging around the area to get 100 gallons of diesel.     They were pretty low so could not spare it for us.    However, we did manage to get 50 gallons in the end and we would have to make that work.  Fortunately, our angle would change and we could sail close to the wind to Espirtu Santo.

Immigration office and bank (the bank is the guy on the phone)....

A very large mango tree.  Mangoes were not in season when we were there, sadly.

The beach area was lovely with kids playing and a friendly "hotel" owner showing us his "yacht club".

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