Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Port Vila and Tanna, Vanuatu 2014

We spent nearly a month in Port Vila.   It was the first time since Ghizo that we had actually socialized with other cruisers.     We were on a mooring but moved to the wall when Lemara offered a hefty discount to us so it would be easier for me to get on and off the boat rather than deal with the wobbly dinghy dock.    It actually wasn't all the easier, however, we did get to plug in and were right next to toilet and shower facilities.   First time being on a dock and plugged in since January of 2012 when we were at Danga Bay,  Malaysia.

Moses, Dora, Lemara and Willy will make sure you are safe and comfortable.

We decided to fly to Tanna and see the volcano, known as the Lighthouse of the Pacific.   It's a must see and the tour we took was actually pretty awesome.  Before going we saw the fire dance performed by a group of young people as part of an  Australian run NGO.

 Think safety indeed.    We were right on the edge of the volcano.    The sound was impressive to say the least as the volcano seemed to draw in air and rumble as the lava rolled, spit and fired up.   Nothing quite like it.

Back in Port Vila we awaited the weather break we needed for the 5 day trip to Fiji.    As I said, we spent a month there and finally got that break when a low traveled along the east coast of Australia pushing back the SE winds.     In the meantime we went to a charity horse race event.     With all the hoopla there were actually only about 7 horses and riders competing.

The day before we left we squeezed in an ATV ride around the island stopping at a touristy turtle feeding sight.

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