Thursday, September 13, 2012

We've been in Malakal Cove, Palau now for nearly 3 months.    Americans get a great deal in Palau.   We are automatically given a one year visa upon entry and we can renew it and renew it and renew it.  In other words, we could stay here forever if we wanted to.   And some cruisers do.   There are some boats that have been here for years.    We intend, however, to sail off in January heading for PNG and the Solomons, we hope.   In the meantime we have developed our own mooring, a necessary thing here in Malakal Cove as it is very crowded and one cannot just drop an anchor.  The bottom of the cove is littered with wrecks, including fishing boats, tugboats, and WWII ships as well as, yikes, depth charges.  We have one just behind the boat.     One we are here for a consecutive 90 days, we can apply for resident status. We can tour around the islands without buying special permits.

Our activities really involve water here.    While Joy snorkels and kayaks, Jim goes diving.   The cruiser group is an active bunch and they can easily get 10 divers together, charter one of the boats and go out for a day of diving.  The diving here is awesome.  So is the snorkeling.    The visibility is usually very good and the sea life so abundant.    Divers can hook on in the channels and watch as dozens of sharks and other pelagics float by in the current. 


The Royal Belau Yacht Club is a funky, fun place.   We are in it every day, as that is where our dock is and many times during the week we meet up with our friends for an evening drink and chat.    We've had a lot of parties, dinghy raft ups, movie nights, dinners out and that with all the diving and snorkeling makes this a very fun place to hang out for awhile.   You don't have to twist our arms to stay here.