Wednesday, November 5, 2014

BULA!!! Fiji 2014

Our 5 day crossing from Efate, Vanuatu to Vuda Point, Fiji went pretty smoothly and to plan.   We made some southing in order to have some wiggle room if the SE winds filled in too much before making it into the lagoon.     Friends, Walt and Jane LaCompte of SV Callisto, have been there for a year and were waving to us from the seaside restaurant as we motored through the channel into the marina.     Glad to finally be there, we set about getting quotes to get some work done, but were taken back by the prices (too high for our pockets) so began to come up with alternate plans to do the work ourselves or with off-site businesses and labor.    The rest of the time we got the boat ready to put in the cyclone pit for the season.   And there she sits until our return next year.

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