Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Luganville, Vanuatu 2014

For the first time since leaving Honiara, we were in a real town with a nice restaurant, decent grocery shopping and Magnum Bars!!   We anchored in front of the Beachfront Resort.    Since we were on a lee shore, the dinghy landings could be challenging yet we had no bad incidents.  Jim is good at getting the dinghy ashore!!  The Beachfront was good to us, allowing us to get water, use the pool (although, believe it or not, it was a bit chilly), buy food at their restaurant.   We could also use their wifi but it only worked if you sat right next to the office where the modem was located.

The weather was not great and we had to wait over a week before we got our chance to snorkel over Million Dollar Point.    When the troops pulled out of Vanuatu, they left behind a lot of military equipment which they offered to sell to the islanders at 10c on the dollar.   The islanders got greedy, however, and figured that since the yanks were leaving anyway, the stuff would all be there for the picking and refused the offer.   The yanks couldn't tolerate that and shoved all the equipment into the sea, hence the name Million Dollar Point.   Makes for great snorkeling, anyway.  The beach itself is littered with metal parts.

Boars skeletons.  I wanted one but the shop owner wanted around $400 just for one jaw with tusks.   Pass.

This bug paid a visit via our dinghy line.    He was not let aboard.

Jim also dove on the USS Coolidge, something he'd been looking forward to ever since we entered Pacific waters.   Will have to ad film later.

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