Thursday, March 21, 2013

We've had the opportunity to participate in a couple of events that benefited the islands.    Charity, our club secretary, organized the Debris Dive where we formed small groups and cleaned up the bottom or the harbor.  
Kind of tricky considering it is totally illegal to mess with the WWII stuff at the bottom, not to mention that the bottom is carpeted with the remains of fishing boats, tug boats, hulls, metal parts and a few left over depth charges.   Still, the group came back with loads of cans, bottles, fishing nets, a record player, a Japanese bottle, tires, all kinds of crud.   Work, yes, but fun too.

Sam asked if any of us would like to help out by cleaning up the camp site at Ngemelis Island which had been heavily damaged by the typhoon.   So a few of us boarded his boat and spent the day hauling brush, branches and debris away from the camp and burning most of it.   A work party from the state of Koror also came and chopped down coconut trees, clearing the back 40 while we concentrated on the front area.    In a few hours we had cleared most of the area.  Another crew would come later to rebuild the camp hut.  This is before:

And, this is after:

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