Thursday, March 21, 2013

Water Stuff in Palau

As I've said, Palau is really all about the water.   Most of the cruisers dive frequently.   Jim had a lot of fun as the group would most often hire the whole boat and sometimes get to off the beaten dive spot path.    Palau is reknowned for its beautiful world under the water.  It is also a shark sanctuary and sometimes the divers would see as many as 2 dozen sharks swimming by in the current.

I prefer to snorkel and kayak.   I've only seen one shark and it was sleeping below me.   I have followed the banded coral snakes around, though and seen lots of interesting critters and WWII junk:

 Can you spot the crocodile fish in the above picture?

 How about the gobies monitoring their nests?   Or these sea pens (I'm not sure of their real names, actually, which swim around upright?
This is a Crown of Thorns, an invasive critter that destroys coral.   We eliminate these guys whenever we see them.

I believe this is a school of makeral.   They look  like ghosts going by.

This is a shot of Kelaerin looking through the arch in the Rock Islands.

The arch without us in it.

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