Thursday, March 21, 2013

I'm just catching up with the posts.   While Palau is beautiful and we've had a ton of fun, the internet here just plain sucks.    Trying to upload a picture is a painful and expensive experience and as I have little patience for that sort of thing, I kind of gave up.    So I'll get caught up now.

Since we arrived in Palau in June we've met lots of really fun cruisers.    The group changed and morphed a bit but there has been a core group that we've grown very close to.    Richard and Lee of Before (from Seattle), Walt and Jane of Callisto, Mike and Haesung of Second Jump,  Jim and Katie of Asylum, Dave and Gail of 5th Season, Steve and Laura of Zen,  Joe and Jo of Jubilee, Linda and Mark of Creola, Chuck, Ivy, Carla and Charlie of Mowe.   Not to mention all the shoresiders and crew like Charity, the RBYC club secretary and principle good times motivator; Sam, the owner of Sam's tours and the commadore of yacht club and his really super kids; Steve, the young Irish crew aboard Jubilee and so many others that have come and gone added to the mix to make for some really great times.

Jim gets a lot of advice from Dennis Whelan who's been in Palau for going on 17 years.
Carol Whelan took a group of us around the island one day to show us the local art.    We visited the Etpison Museum and met Elvis,( the cockatiel, not the music legend).     We also saw one of the artisans who makes storyboards, the most popular souvenir of Palau. 

A resort it a resort, so I took a picture of this upscale potty feature at one of the major resorts in Palau. 

We've had many events as a group.   Several of the cruisers celebrated milestone birthdays so we grouped them all up to have a "Big 0 Bash" for those celebrating a 50th, a couple of 60ths and a 70th and, just for fun, we threw Charlie in the mix who had his 6th around the same time.

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