Sunday, August 17, 2014

Solomon Islands, April and May 2014

Ghizo, Solomon Islands

Checking in to the Solomons at Ghizo was fun.   Not too sure why, just the nature of the place.   We really liked Ghizo.   Usual friendly people and a good market.  Not much for restaurants, though.  The PT 109 was a bit of a let down for us as far as food was concerned, but a friendly place that lets the cruisers tie their dinghies up when coming ashore.    On our way in to Ghizo we picked up a hitchhiker.

The islands around Ghizo are known for their stone carvers.     This man came aboard with his "store".

Many of the little villages around Ghizo are Malaitan.  The story we were told is that Malaita is overcrowded with not enough work for the population so they move off and settle elsewhere to find work.

The town had a movie theater (although we never saw it opened) and a beautiful Catholic church.   Being a lapsed Catholic myself, I decided to go see if anything had changed much in the last 40 or so years.    Just so happened they had a special event going on with a new cardinal for the Solomon Islands and newly ordained priests.    The heart on the picture of the black Christ lights up and pulsates, aka, beating heart.  

Cruiser Notes;   When we arrived there were 7 other boats anchored in a straight line in front of town.
There's an expediter, Ricky, who will help you find an anchor position, take in laundry, do propane runs, etc.   Anchor position....08 05.9S; 156 50.4E.

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