Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Ternate (2) and Guru Ici

 Ternate (2)

Back again and this time we anchored near the grand mosque which has a poorly constructed minaret that is collapsing into the sea.   


We were met once again in style with fruit and treats and dancing kids.     A bus was provided again and we went on tours around the island, including a very nice stop at a park dedicated to the volcanic eruption of Mt. Gamelama in 1997 which sent a lava flow down the mountain and destroyed a town. 

We had a very nice hosted buffet lunch at the Florida restaurant with this view of Tidore and Maitara islands.  Later we were driven 17 miles across the bay in a posh jet boat and spent a nice sunset on the terrace of the governor’s palace complete with the gov himself.     We also went to Sulamahada beach for a very pretty snorkel in the cove.

Guru Ici

After all the events with dignitaries, dancing, dinners, and duties, we thought we had a couple free days at the beautiful spot of Guru Ici, a small group of islands south of Ternate.     But early in the morning we received a message from Raymond to present ourselves at the dock within the hour.    Groan……we rescheduled for an hour later and then showed up en masse to more greetings by dancing kids who then pulled us into their group to dance with them. 

 We watched some of the town ladies making baskets and then had a nice lunch on the beach and
  later a dinner of fresh grilled fish along with a beautiful sunset.   


 The next day was truly a free day, at last, and we all enjoyed some snorkeling over the reefs and a pot luck on the tiny island nearby.    Some of the guides showed up as well and we got to try  out one of the little local boats for size.   Size small, I can assure you, and very tippy.  

One morning we were taken on a speedboat ride to look for manta rays.  At one time over 100 manta rays would come to this area to feed, but once that fact was discovered, fishermen descended on the place and the rays were soon gone.    We wanted to snorkel with them, but saw only one when it flipped out of the water ahead of us.

Cruising Notes:    Anchorage at Ternate  (0 47.1N; 127 23.5E).     Anchorage at Guru Ici (0 1.3S; 127 14.8E)

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